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  • Reasonable Selection Of Cemented Carbide Drill Bits

    It has always been believed that drilling must be carried out at a lower feed rate and cutting speed. This view was once correct under the processing conditions of ordinary drills. Today, with the advent of carbide drills, the concept of drilling has also changed. In fac...
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  • Eight Types Of Carbide Tools

    Cemented carbide tools can be divided into different types according to different principles. For example, according to the classification of different processing materials, and according to the classification of different workpiece processing technology. ...
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  • Cemented Carbide Geological Mining Tools

    The raw materials for the production of high-quality alloy geological mining tools are basically WC-Co alloys, and most of them are two-phase alloys, mainly coarse-grained alloys. Often according to different rock drilling tools, different rock hardness, or different par...
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