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Toonney Tungsten Carbide Rod Manufacturer can offer tungsten carbide rod, carbide end mills,¬†cemented carbide rod, carbide rods with straight/spiral coolant hole, shaped rods according to customer’s requirement, T shaped carbide rods, with step etc.

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Product category: Toonney Tungsten Carbide Rod Manufacturer can offer solid tungsten carbide rod, carbide rod with coolant hole(one straight hole, two straight holes,) two helical holes carbide rod, three helical holes carbide rod), shaped rods according to customer's requirement, carbide preforms with step, net to near shape etc.

Production process: Through materials mixture, extruding, sintering, shape modification producing, tungsten carbide rod will be formed preliminary, and in the end, tungsten carbide rod should be sintered in a HIP sintering furnace (Toonney use 1Mpa, 6Mpa or 10Mpa sintering furnace to sinter the carbide rod according to different grade and application). Toonney tungsten carbide rod manufacturer just makes tungsten carbide rod strictly like these steps.

Application area: With characters of high hardness, high strength, chemical stable, low expansion coefficient, electric and heat conducting, the sintered tungsten carbide rod is widely applied in industrial manufacture area. For example, make micro drill gets applied in PCB industry. Electrode bar gets popular in optical community industry. Carbide drill(specially the gun drill), punch pin, T shape carbide preforms for different blades specially the blade with large step, the wooden machining required Carbide flat bar, some very long carbide flat bar(37 inches length for example) for grinding machine support, Carbide reamers and blades with coolant hole are also widely used in the machining industry. Thanks to its good quality and competitive price, Toonney tungsten carbide rod manufacturer gets more and more popular in tungsten carbide rod industry, base on years research, development and manufacture experience, Toonney extends its capability in carbide rods producing both in material grade formula, quality and the output quantity scale. Welcome to Toonney tungsten carbide rod manufacturer for more information about tungsten carbide rod. Toonney tungsten carbide rod manufacturer is just here waiting for you!

Carbide end mills: Carbide end mills, also named milling cutter, is a kind of carbide cutting tools for milling machining. Toonney carbide end mills factory is famous for its high-quality carbide end mills. Carbide end mills have one or several blades, those blades can be rotated and cutting the workpiece one by one in sequence and intermittent. Carbide end mills, which produced by carbide end mills factory, are mainly applied to the milling machine to machining the plan face, step, groove, forming the face and cutting off the workpiece. The cemented carbide material performs excellently when applied in making carbide end mill. The super high hardness, wear resistance and pressure resistance make the application of carbide end mills expands to a wider area in a short time. Welcome to Toonney carbide end mills factory for more information about carbide end mills. Toonney carbide end mills factory is just here waiting for you!

Packaging Details: Plastic bag, then protected in foam lay, finally to an outer carton.


Samples Matters: Tungsten carbide rod which can be available from our common regular inventory, can be offered as samples for free. For some carbide end mills and cemented carbide rod with irregular customer special required, will be charged. Of course, customers need to pay for the shipping fee. Usually, the lead time of the samples will be within 7working days

Minimum Order Quantity: There is no minimum order quantity of carbide rods for the first trial order. But on the second order, the total amount of carbide rods should be not less than 1000 USD.

Delivery Time: 7-15 working days


Product name: Carbide rods

Place of Origin: Fujian, China (Mainland)

Brand Name: Toonney

Model Number: DIN Cut-to-length Rods

Type: Carbide rods

Material: Tungsten carbide

Application: Carbide end mills, drills, shank, reamers


Tolerance: Tol. Of Dia.+0.15 to 0.7mm, and length+1 to +2 depends on the size difference.

Surface treatment: Blank, sand-blasting or polished

Grade: TU06, TF06, TU08, TU40, TU40F, TU44, TU25, TU45

Size: Common dia .ranges from 2 to 40mm,and length within 300mm, other size beyond will be specially customized.

Port: Xiamen

Payment terms: FOB Xiamen, TT


TU06 tungsten carbide rod: Ultra-fine grain, high hardness, high strength, fit for making PCB micro-drilling, micro milling cutter and kinds of hard metal solid tools. Re-command material to make milling cutter of which Dia. is 1.2mm and above.

TF06 tungsten carbide rod: Fit for cutting aluminum and magnesium alloy, copper base alloy, iron-based alloy, plastic, graphite, carbon fiber etc. Recommended material for making drill and mill cutter for aluminum and magnesium material.

TU08 tungsten carbide rod: High strength and hardness, good for machining acrylic material, recommended material for making PCB drill and big drill of which dia. Is 0.7mm and above.

TU40 tungsten carbide rod: Recommended material for common drill, end mill, especially good to mill and drill the material common die steel, gray iron, Austenite steel, and alloy

TU40F tungsten carbide rod: Recommended material for making drill, milling cutter etc, to mill and drill steel, stainless steel, cast iron and aluminum alloy of which hardness is below 50HRC.

TU44 tungsten carbide rod: Fit for making different specification milling cutters, reamer, carving blades etc. especially performs good in tools cutting in high speed for example in cutting quenched steel, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy etc.

TU25 tungsten carbide rod: The material for mill and drill tools to machining material heat treatment steel, cast iron, stainless steel.

TU45 tungsten carbide rod: Recommended material for all kinds end mill, reamer, carving blade etc., performs well in high-speed light cutting area, especially fit for quenched steel, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy etc.


Cemented carbide rod has good straightness, excellent hardness, and strength.

Toonney cemented carbide rod manufacturer has a good pressing and extruding machines.

Carbide rods are sintered by vacuum sintering furnace and HIP machine with excellent specifications without any hole.

There are carbide rods, cemented carbide rod, carbide end mills, grinding and polished rods in any tolerances.

carbide end mills are mainly used for end mills, reamers, drills, countersinks, engraving tools, routers and other rotary tools.

The diameter of carbide end mills varies from 0.3mm to 40mm.

There are also many different sizes of carbide rods, cemented carbide rod, carbide end mills upon customers' request and drawing.

iconCarbide Grade

We developed one series grades for cutting tools, among them, grades like TU90, TU40S, TU44, TU45 are highly competitive in the top market for machining difficult-to-be-cut materials and superhard materials. Below is the grade table., and recommended application.

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