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  • Tungsten Carbide PreformTungsten Carbide PreformAugust 14, 2018Why tungsten carbide preform: The character of tungsten carbide alloy is that the hardness is very high, this is the advantage of this material, also it makes the machining of cemented carbide very d...view
  • Carbide End MillCarbide End MillJune 13, 2018Base on our years' experience in producing tungsten carbide blank, we new established one production line for making finished carbide end mills. To test and improve the quality of our carbide material...view
  • Sintering HIP FurnaceSintering HIP FurnaceMarch 23, 2017Introduction Base on years’ experience and professional inmanufacturing tungsten carbide materials, Toonney sintering furnace plantimproves current machines in the market, which helps Toonney to get...view
  • Carbide TipsCarbide TipsMarch 23, 2017Introduction Tungsten carbide tips and carbide saw bladeare commonly used cutting tools. The material of carbide tip and carbide sawblade are usually tungsten carbide, which are also widely used in l...view
  • Carbide InsertCarbide InsertMarch 23, 2017Introduction Carbide insert is made of tungsten carbide,which is a kind of alloy material made of refractory metal hard compound andbinding metal through powder metallurgy technology.Carbide insert ha...view
  • Carbide Cutting ToolsCarbide Cutting ToolsMarch 23, 2017Introduction Carbide tools/carbide cutter are usually used for cutting in machine manufacturing, so italso called carbide cutting tools. The vast majority of carbide cutting toolsare used for machine...view
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