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Sintering HIP Furnace

Sintering HIP Furnace

Sintering HIP Furnac...

Sintering HIP Furnace

Introduction of Sintering HIP Furnace Specification of Sintering HIP Furnace
Base on years' experience and professional in manufacturing tungsten carbide materials, Toonney sintering furnace plant improves current machines in the market, which helps Toonney to get the best quality products. Expect selling tungsten carbide products, Toonney also sells sintering furnace to some customers who needs them.

This sintering HIP furnace is a horizontal resistant heating furnace, with three separate control circuit to ensure the uniformity of high temperature. This kind of sintering furnace can finish functional processes of de-waxing, sintering, vacuum adjustment, pressure densifying, fast-cooling in one operation period. And it can be applied for sintering hard metal material and metallic ceramic. What's more, this sintering furnace can degrease the material of wax, rubber, Ethocel under Argon/Nitrogen negative pressure(0-0.1Mpa) and de-PEG(Burner assembly included) under hydrogen pressure (0-6Mpa).

The whole operation process is controlled by SIEMENS PLC + IPC+15inches display which can realize the functions of automatic control, monitoring, tracing and recording, self diagnoses, troubleshooting of temperature, temperature increasing rate, soaking time and the gas flow, pressure through the whole process.

Main components of sintering furnace (Control components, sensors, graphite components, thermal couple, valves etc.)  are imported from USA, Japan and German. These countries stand for the world's most advantage technology level in sintering furnace. They can meet the production requirement of long time stable and reliable.

Toonney has three series of sintering furnace can be classified by pressure. They are 1Mpa sintering HIP furnace, 6Mpa sintering HIP furnace and 10Mpa sintering HIP furnace. For the most common use of sintering furnace is sintering hard metal. Toonney has three most popular models which named according to the effective space volume, they are Model TESTSIP200*200*600, Model SIP300*300*900-6Mpa, Model SIP500*500*1800-6Mpa

Take the smallest Model TESTSIP200*200*600 for example, standard technology specifications are as listed below tables. Of course, this complicated machine (sintering furnace) is always designed and produced according to the detail requirement of customer’s special use. Customer can specially require to change any data we have professional technical team to change the design of this sintering furnace to reach the special requirement.

Basic data of Sintering HIP Furnace

Effective space for material loading Height 200/Width200/Length600
Designed operation lifetime 6000times
Round Graphite muffle dimension(Inner Dia, outer dia. Length) Φ330 φ380  800L
Effective volume 24L
Max gross weight of material loading(Depend on material structure) 50kg
Power of heating transformer 150KVA
Heating circuit number/transformer 3
Space requirement(Length*Width*Height) 3.5*4*3.5*M
Color White and Blue/Yellow and black
Electric control cabinet display English
Total weight 12T

Main basic technical data of Sintering HIP Furnace

Best vacuum Pa for common vacuum pump group in cold dry condition(In the condition of 120min vacuum pump group can get lower vacuum) 0.5Pa (Lowest can be 0.1Pa)
Maximum vacuum leakage rate in cold clean dry furnace 10Pa/H
Maximum temperature 1600℃
Working temperature 1580℃
Temperature tolerance in vacuum and material loaded  and temperature below 1000oC ±5℃
Temperature tolerance when sintering under 6Mpa Algon pressure and temperature above 1000oC. ±7℃
Maximum pressure(Safety valve setting) 6.0Mpa
Binder collection rate ≥97.5%
Cooling time in full loading ≤4 hours

Peripheral parameters of Sintering HIP Furnace

Argon pressure(Purity ≥99.99%) Min.8Mpa   Max.15Mpa
Power 160KW
Stable power in 50bar and1400℃ 105KW
Max voltage AC400V 50Hz
Control center voltage AC220V / DC24V
Voltage tolerance ±5%
Electric control cabinet disconnector power Max.300A

Toonney will dispatch technicians to help the assemble and finish the commissioning test to ensure the normal running of each function. And there is one year warranty period within which if any problem happens on the sintering furnace, Toonney will repair it with no charge. After one year warranty, charge maintenance will last to the whole lifetime of sintering furnace.
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