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Tungsten Carbide Preform
Tungsten Carbide Preform

Tungsten Carbide Preform

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Why tungsten carbide preform:

The character of tungsten carbide alloy is that the hardness is very high, this is the advantage of this material, also it makes the machining of cemented carbide very difficult, for some shapes of special cutting tools, specially those with very big step, for example a cutting tool with very big dia. of cutting end , and very small shank, machining takes lots time and labor. To solve this problem, we make near net shape preforms for specially carbide cutting tools, we shape the tungsten carbide by CNC machines before sintering, then we sinter and get a near net shape tungsten carbide blank which we name tungsten carbide preform.

Character of Toonney carbide preform:

1, Near net shape: we can design most possible near net shape preform for your special cutting tools base on our experience.

2, Grades: Different grades for different application, Toonney offers widely grade options base on years R&D achievement. Toonney owns not only a talented R&D team, but also established strategic cooperations with institute of material research of China’s famous university Xiamen University, Central south university and Sichuan university, which enable us more capability in offering comprehensive carbide material solution for our customers for widely application of tungsten carbide.

3,Fast delivery: Toonney owns sufficient CNC machines for preforms, can finish preform order in a very short time, and deliver on the second day after receiving the order for common shapes, fatest.

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