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    As a famous carbide rods factory, Toonney carbide cutting tools plant applies high quality tungsten alloy with good wear resistance, high hardness and impcat toughness.

    Toonney cold heading die manufacturer can offer high quality carbide insert, cold heaing die with a competitive price and various sizes/ grades.

    As a famous carbide insert plant, Toonney carbie blank factory makes a promise for strict quality control and good sales-after service.

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    Carbide Insert --- Toonney Carbide Insert Plant

    Carbide insert is made of tungsten carbide, which is a kind of alloy material made of refractory metal hard compound and binding metal through powder metallurgy technology.Carbide insert has good hardness and wear resistance, good strength and toughness. Carbide insert also has heat resistance, corrosion resistance and a series of other excellent properties.

    2015-11-20 17:06:00
    Tungsten Carbide Blank --- Toonney Carbide Blank Factory

    This series products mainly cover tungsten carbide blank, carbide boring bar, carbide performs, and some other precision tools. Toonney Tungsten Carbide Blank Plant, as one of the famous carbide boring bar manufacturer, has gotten a good reputation at home and abroad. For these years, more and more foreign companies, which vary from machine industry, auto industry, engineering industry and so on, go for Toonney Tungsten Carbide Blank Plant.

    2015-11-20 18:13:00
    Sintering Furnace --- Toonney Sintering Furnace Factory

    Toonney factory also can offer sintering furnace, especially the sintering HIP furnace.Sintering furnace is famous for its low energy consumption. The large-scale sintering furnace is composed of many heating chambers with different sizes. So work pieces with different sizes can be put into their appropriate heating chamber.

    2015-11-20 18:02:00
    Customized Tungsten Product --- Toonney Tungsten Pate Manufacturer

    Toonney has a professional technical team, who can help to create new materials and find new way to produce difficult items base on your special requirement. Any customization according to detail description or drawing are welcome! Don’t hesitate, tell us your requirement!

    2015-11-20 17:43:00
    Round Rod With Double Coolant Holes

    High quality tungsten alloy products are ideal in applications where low thermal expansion, high density, high hardness, wear resistant, non-toxicity, corrosion resistant, and high thermal conductivity materials are preferred. Welcome customers from all over the world to work and stay with us in this interesting and wide range industry!

    2015-11-05 10:27:00
    Carbide Bar- Tonney Alloy(Xiamen) Co.,LTD

    Toonney carbide bar factory is a leading manufacturer of tungsten carbide bar, carbide tips and carbide blank. Toonney carbide plant has a professional team to design, make and inspect carbide products. The quality is really good. what's more, you will get a good price. Welcome to Toonney for more information about carbide bar.

    2015-11-05 10:01:00
    Advanced Carbide Rod Equipments of Toonny

    Tonney Alloy(Xiamen) Co.,LTD is a leading factory of tungsten carbide alloy products that equipped with advanced equipment. Toonney Alloy Factory has specilized in carbide rods, carbide tips and carbide blank for many years. Toonney tungsten carbide alloy manufacturer applies advanced sintering furnace to produce high quality tungsten carbide products.

    2015-11-05 10:20:00
    Toonny New Products

    This is Toonney tungsten alloy factory's latest carbide alloy products: tungsten carbide rods, carbide cutting tools, carbide tips, carbide die, carbide bar and carbide blank. Toonney tungsten alloy manufacturer has a professional team to design and make tungsten alloy products.

    2015-11-05 10:37:00